Get YouTube Video Thumbnail Image

To get the video thumbnail of any YouTube Video
enter the regular URL of the video into the textbox below.

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Your URL should look like this:


How to use YouTube Thumbnail Image Generator

Step 1 : Go to, Search a video.

Step 2 : Copy the URL of the video (Example: ).

Step 3 : Paste that URL or the link in the box given above and then click the "Get YouTube Thumbnail" button.

Step 4 : Choose your youtube  Thumbnail size and Download it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions

What is the thumbnail :

Thumbnails are ideally implemented on web pages as separate, smaller copies of the original image, in part because one purpose of a thumbnail image on a web page is to reduce bandwidth and download time.Some web designers produce thumbnails with HTML or client-side scripting that makes the user's browser shrink the picture, rather than use a smaller copy of the image.

What size is a YouTube thumbnail?

Youtube video thumbnails are available in four different qualities and dimensions.
SD 640 x 480
MQ 320 x 180
HQ 480 x 360
HD 1920 x 1080
To download your desired size thumbnail without any tool is too easy.

How do I download a YouTube thumbnail?

It is a very easy process:
1.Copy the Youtube Video URL.
2.Go to
3.Paste the Youtube Video URL in the input box.
4.Click on Get YouTube Thumbnail Button and it's done.
5.Now just download the thumbnail image of the desired quality (medium, standard, high and original).

How do you get the URL of a youtube thumbnail?

1.Find the Youtube video ID and Youtube thumbnails in the following simple steps.
2.Get the url of your Youtube video.
3. go to
3.Enter the youtube url in the textfield and click "Get Youtube thumbnails"!
4.Grab your Youtube video thumbnail urls.

What is the YouTube thumbnail size 2019?

Youtube custom thumbnail image should be as large as possible, as the image will also be used as the preview image in the embedded player.Youtube recommend your custom thumbnails: Have a resolution of 1280x720 (with minimum width of 640 pixels).

How do I take a snapshot from a video?

Yes, Follow this link

How do I take a still from a YouTube video?

Pause the YouTube video at the point where you want to capture an image, use Print Screen/Snipping Tool to get the image.

How do I make a high quality screenshot?

Use and get the HD Image

How do you find the thumbnail image on YouTube?

Paste your Youtube url into above textbox to get the all size of thumbnails.

What is the size of cover photo in YouTube?

YouTube. Cover Photo/Channel Art: 2560 x 1440 pixels - YouTube will scale your channel artwork using responsive web design.YouTube recommends uploading channel art at 2560 x 1440 pixels with a maximum file size of 2MB.

How do I get the embed code for a YouTube thumbnail?

There is a very easy to retrieve your YouTube thumbnail images for a specific video. Just go to the following URL:
Now, you will need to fetch the videoId of either from the video Url or from the embed code of YouTube video.
Ex :

How do I copy an image from Youtube?

Get your VideoId from youtube and paste into above textbox click to "Get Your Thumbnail" Button.

we recomand this channel to learn how to make thumbnail

Get your VideoId from youtube and paste into above textbox click to "Get Your Thumbnail" Button.

we recomand this channel to learn how to make thumbnail